Looks like we're heading back towards needless complexity, folks. Hang on, the slippery slope is straight ahead. https://www.core77.com/posts/100422/Apples-UI-Design-Aesthetic-Moving-Towards-Neumorphism?

There's an old adage in the advertising business, where a client says something like this: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I don't know which half." Turns out, it could be much more than half down the toilet.


It is rare to come across a 2 1/2 minute video that keeps you engaged until the end. The new Wyze Lock promo not only achieves that, it is so funny it makes you want to watch it again. Brilliant use of humor in creative to leverage those ad dollars.

The free market libertarian in me says that Google can do whatever they want with their search and advertising, since they are a non-governmental entity. After all, Google isn't a publisher. But it won't benefit their revenues in the long run if Google continues punishing competing companies or skewing search to favor their ad clients.

Singer-songwriter Shane Wallin's new CD and sleeve was designed originally by Dais Design, Green Bay, WI

This clever video is spot-on showing the interdependence of SEO and Content creation. The analogy to a personal relationship is apt, and humorously portrayed. Without content, there is nothing to optimize for. Without good optimization, the content is invisible. Both functions should be working toward the same strategic objective, ie: getting content of value and interest in front of a chosen targeted group of viewers. 

Copywriter Luke Sullivan opens his book "Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This - A Guide to Creating Great Ads" by discussing the paradox of the infamous Charmin molester, Mr. Whipple. Studies in believability showed that the 1970s Charmin TV spots featuring Mr. Whipple scored dead last repeatedly. "When asked which campaigns they most disliked, consumers convicted Mr. Whipple...Charmin may have not been popular advertising, but it was number one in sales."

So badvertising can sell. Goodvertising can sell too. What advertisers need to ask themselves is, which resonance do you want to leave with your customers? To those who would defend advertising based on sales, the author asks: "Would you also spit on the table to get my attention? It would work, but would you?" P&G created 504 ads featuring Mr. Whipple. 

Sullivan's book is recommended for anyone interested in the mechanics of ad creation...it could have been titled "The Agony and the Ecstacy." 

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Just observing Picasso will turn on some switches in the fertile mind.

The always brilliant Jeffery Tucker at FEE dredges up some fond memories for products that changed our world, then rode off into the sunset of product oblivion.

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