Personally, I don't see the objection to this design, as a logo. Maybe some of the critics are oversexed.

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Everything comes at a cost, including immersion into games. Is game overload upon us?

Understanding human nature is critical before reaching out to your market with your branding efforts.

It will benefit content marketers to seriously consider adding video to their mix, considering the rapidly growing hunger for the medium by consumers. 


What happens when a successful company fails to listen to objective experts regarding design direction for logotype modification? If the company's goal was, as stated, to make their brand mark easier to recognize, it is hard to rationalize how visual complexity and abstraction, over the former mark's simplicity, achieves that end.

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If you build it, they might not come. Content-first philosophy could be recipe for failure. 

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Dais Design was tasked with generating logo concepts for a startup company which distributes home medical supplies on a regional level. The client's market is comprised of assisted living facilities, dental offices, home health care and small businesses. The final logo selected as well as some working concepts are shown.

This is a largely symbolic example of creatives in advertising pushing boundaries of taste; making people a little uncomfortable can be effective if done right.

This is interactivity in advertising on a whole different level. Somebody studied human psychology and behavior, and applied what they learned expertly.

The advantages of flat IU design far outweigh what it gives up. The trick is knowing how to not be a radical.

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