February 27, 2020

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Associated Bank Wall of Signatures complete

October 4, 2013



No matter how long I'm in this business, I am always being asked to solve unique problems I've never encountered before. For example, Associated Bank wanted to feature a wall of signatures in the lobby of their new headquarters, but didn't want to just place the hundreds of handwritten names on a grid. They wanted it to appear as if the names were signed directly on plexiglass. It was impossible to allow the signings in that fashion, as the end result would appear too chaotic and lack compositional balance.


So I scanned 270 names provided by the client on 3x5 cards, and strategically placed them on the board, working in dozens of Photoshop layers, to create a random feel, yet have a tonal balance. Since people sign their names in various sizes, each scan had to be sized subjectively and positioned well, allowing some but not too much overlap. Plus a good arrangement of the flowery versus straightforward signature styles had to be created.


Interesting project, which turned out well. If you are ever in the Associated Bank headquarters, take a look.


I might add that I worked with Jeff Parmley, a graphic designer at Associated, on this one. He could have handled himself, but having dozens of other projects in progress made it sensible to outsource to Dais Design.

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