About Dais Design


My name is Bill Dais (last name pronounced dice, as in roll them), and as a freelance creative director I provide design, illustration and art direction services for large and small businesses. I assist clients in optimizing their marketing spends by creating work that builds awareness, reinforces brand position, and facilitates sales.




Creative Director



Some of the projects I have completed are for agency clients, and because of the proprietary nature of the work and NDAs signed, cannot be displayed on this website.

But plenty of my work can be viewed in the "Work" section.


Dais Design offers dedicated creative service by: 

– Effectively reaching target customers in business-to-business and consumer markets.

– Generating on-strategy graphic design for print and web.

– Writing copy that never strays from the brand position.

– Coordinating all aspects of a project, from concept through photo direction, illustration and production to final art.

– Offering ready availability of the designer regarding any project; clients deal directly with the person doing the creative work, not an account representative through which instructions must be filtered.

– Providing superior retouching capabilities and mastery of the Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator programs.

– Eagerly collaborating on projects with clients' in-house design and marketing personnel.


To discuss an upcoming project which requires the services of a design professional, contact Dais Design at: 920.660.7292 or bill@daisdesign.com.

Below is a video montage of some of my work. If you want, you can skip to work section to view work on a category basis.